Pedagogy - Flute teaching

Our sound is our voice.

And the flexibility of our sound is what allows for diversity of expression.

For these reasons, I am devoted to working with all my flute students in the development of their tone production, their “voice.” The program I have devised solidifies the foundation to tone production by enhancing support, breath capacity, resonance, and flexibility. It is my goal that each student develops their best capacity for internal resonance and flexibility to allow them to “sing” with their own unique voice emanating from their individual body structure. To further assist my flute students in growing technical skills, my program offers practical exercises that assists with building vibrato flexibility as well as finger and articulation facility.


In working on repertoire, my approach is similar to my coaching of chamber music— working from the score, I help my students to learn what questions we must ask to devise our interpretations. Every composition is a creative adventure!


Comments from anonymous student evaluation questionnaires:


 “Prof. Stumpf is very focused on her students and does an amazing job with revamping, tone, tonguing, and vibrato. Her recommended exercises work really well, and I am glad to be her student.”


“I am learning so much from my lessons which are always challenging (perfectly!) and enjoyable.”


“Prof. Stumpf is always organized, skilled, helpful, and exemplary in every way!”