Pedagogy - Chamber Music coaching

As a performer, I am especially interested in the study and presentation of repertoire within its broader cultural milieu. In my own chamber concerts and recitals, I program selections around themes that explore specific topics. Although I enjoy orchestral playing immensely, my deepest passion is for chamber music. I love this “democratic,” one-on-a-part, conductor-less mode of communication between musicians in which all players have equal input.

My approach to coaching chamber music and teaching interpretation is to ask questions. In this Socratic approach, I seek to empower my students by helping them to identify questions they must ask when working from a score to create their interpretations. I also encourage them to explore openly, trying different solutions in response to the questions that arise. Through my decades of coaching chamber music, my students invariably conclude that this has been a most-groundbreaking aspect of their experience with me.

Comments from anonymous student evaluation questionnaires:

“I have never had a music ensemble experience that has taught me so much...She was so prepared and engaging.” 


“She gave us skills to help us analyze our specific set of works, but also any kind of music”


“Very astute comments and coaching style--well-suited to all of us in the group even though she was neither a vocalist or pianist”